An impatient Trade Union Assembly in Rio on 11-13 June (attended by an ITF delegation) adopted a statement which represents an important step forward, in which it realises “that our current profit-driven production and consumption model, identified as the source of rising social inequalities and environmental degradation, must be replaced if a truly sustainable development is to be achieved”.

It further demanded that “the Commons, natural and energy resources are brought and kept under public ownership, securing their public preservation and administration with social control.”

In order to replace the existing model, the trade union movement must play “a decisive role in fighting for an alternative development model for our societies, grounded on peoples’ needs, on solidarity, on economic democracy and on a fair distribution of wealth”.

In this struggle, the trade union movement must “make use of our organisational capacity and our experience of past struggles to form a strong, organised global movement in a bid to spur governments and corporations, who are reluctant to act, into taking appropriate measures to tackle and stop climate change.”

This is something to live up to!

Read the full statement here: