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September 2014

10 points for a trade union strategy against climate change

Asbjørn Wahl puts forward ten points on a trade union strategy against climate change. 1. Climate change is not a threat of the future, it is already happening. 2. The climate threat will have widespread implications for social development. 3. Because measures to combat climate change will require great changes in society, we face a major social struggle.

Hopes from the people’s climate march

It was the week that saw the biggest global action on climate change ever. Our guest blogger: David Hansen-Miller, ITF strategic researcher, reports from New York. “I spent a long weekend in NYC working with Trade Unions for Energy Democracy. On… Continue Reading →

Teamsters of New York speak out against climate change

Doing something about it is not all about sacrifice. Building a clean energy economy and making our communities and infrastructure more resilient give us the opportunity to rebuild our economy. As rising temperatures have attacked our environment, our economy has lost good jobs and replaced them with poverty jobs. The two problems are connected – each stemming from policies that put profit ahead of people – and the solution is the same.

People’s climate march – unions confront the climate crisis

The ITF and affiliates are attending the people’s climate march on 21 September in New York. Find out why unions should get involved and let us know if you will be attending.

People’s climate parliament, Sweden

Members of the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union attended the people’s climate parliament in Sweden to put pressure on politicians to include climate change as a focus in the election debates and to show that there is still strong opinion on the issue.

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