Unions in Mauritius have already started raising awareness about the current and future impacts of climate change in their country.

Sushma Hanadon from the Maritime Transport and Port Employees Union, who participated in the sustainable ports discussion group at the ITF Africa joint maritime conference in Madagascar in October, shared her experience of what unions in Mauritius are doing to fight climate change.

Through their National Coordinating Committee (NCC), members of the Government Services Employees Association, the Maritime Transport & Port Employees Union, and the Airport of Mauritius Employees Union have produced a brochure titled ‘For a Greener Mauritius. A Trade Union Response’.

For a greener Mauritius – a trade union response

The brochure outlines the major climate change impacts, which include rising sea levels, rising temperatures and associated health risks, water shortages in some areas, and more intense storms and cyclones.

As an island nation Mauritius is already experiencing the impact of climate change, including a rise in the mean sea level, higher recorded average temperatures, intensification of tropical storms and a decreasing trend in annual rainfall. These problems are likely to intensify.

The brochure suggests ways to fight climate change, both on a personal level and as part of the wider society. This includes raising awareness about the threat of climate change and planning for the future we want, including participatory decision making, green and healthy living and working spaces, and sustainable transport systems and development.

What’s your experience? How is climate change affecting workers and communities  in your region? Is your union involved in the fight against climate change? Please share your ideas and concerns.