The theme of the workshop in Malawi was “tackling climate change and changing jobs in a changing climate”.

The Transport and General Workers Union organized a refresher workshop from 22-25 September 2016 in Blantyre, Malawi. The workshop was a follow-up to the training of green reps last year.

At the end of the workshop the green reps agreed on the following;

  • To take climate change issues as any other trade union issues
  • To protect fellow workers from any job losses in an event of transitions
  • To work with other environmental groups and social groups by way of alliances
  • To join the rest of the world in fighting for climate justice as discussed at the end of COP 21 in Paris
  • To take climate change as an ethical, social and political issue not from the usual environmental perspective.

The participants at the end of the workshop created a WHATSAPP group for communication and sharing events. And were advised to post events on the newly created Facebook page: Climate Change Ambassadors.

However realising that the fight for climate change needs a comprehensive legal framework, the green reps agreed to work on the inclusion of climate change clauses in the collective bargaining agreement and to come up with a climate change POLICY for the union and to make sure that the union produces its own climate change materials for education of its members.


By: Martin Garvey Kapombeza

ITF Climate Change Working Group Member

Responsible Person for TGWU Climate Change Programmes