The ITF is coordinating preparations for and involvement in COP17 for member transport unions.  COP17 will take place from 28 November-9 December 2011 in Durban South Africa.

Among the preparations there will be a 2-day  seminar on transport and climate change for Africa  transport  unions and other member  unions attending COP17. The ITF will also be participating in the ITUC and other organisations’ events in Durban including the International Million Climate Jobs Conference to be held on the 4th December 20011. The conference will be organised by labour and social movement organisations in South Africa as part of the one million climate jobs campaign.

On Saturday December 3rd, a demonstration will also be held as part of the Global Day of Action Against Climate Change. Labour  and social movement organisations in South Africa are also organising this demo. 

The ITUC’s contribution to COP17 includes the key demands from the international trade union movement and calls for governments to agree on ambitious targets to reduce emissions.  

About COP17

COP17 is the seventeenth conference of the parties of the United Nations Framework Convention  on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Generally refered to as the United Nations Conference on Climate Change/COP17  to be held in Durban South Africa from 28 November to 9 December 2011.